A Simple Guide forWriting a Psychology Essay Guide-2022

May 10, 2022


Academic essays on topics of psychology are one of the mostdisciplined writings across various disciplines. Like the rest, an essay on atopic of psychology will discuss theory or an idea, in order to inform thereader about it. What sets it apart is its frugal and clear writing, made morepotent by added examples and evidence. 


Many are unfamiliar with psychology essays, and if you are one ofthem--more often than none-- you will find yourself saying to others: “Can youhelp me writemy essay?”. It’s a good option to seek assistance from aprofessional writer online or a peer, to not only write the essay but researchand edit it.


You will need all the help that you can acquire with this type ofessay. Psychological essays are the epitome of science communication; where thecomplex issues and theories are explained in a dumbed-down manner to theaudience. 


Another important feature for this type of essay is that most ofthe essaywriter don’t quote other researchers, instead theyrecreate the information to a more palatable form and give the citation. 

You will also find no repeated idea or observation during apsychology essay.


Questions to guide your essay

The best way to prep and make an outline for your essay is to askquestions at each part of the essay.


The introduction will start by describing the subject in generalto narrowing it down to the main thesis. It can have a hook of an interestingidea, question, or statement at the start.  Some questions that will helpyou perfect your introduction:

  • What’s     the importance of the subject at hand?
  • What     are some of the related ideas?
  • What’s     the claim that you will pursue in the writing?

Body Paragraphs

A body paragraph has many components: 

  • Topic     Sentence
  • The     Claim and evidence
  • The     contrary claims and evidence


There should be a minimum of three paragraphs each with adifferent claim to support the thesis. This will be mentioned in the topicsentence. At the end of each body paragraph, the ideas will have to beconnected to the main thesis, and how it supports it. 


Some questions that you should ask when writing the body paragraph

  • Which     evidence supports your claim?
  • Which     evidence can potentially make your claim weaker?
  • What     contrary theories and works are there regarding the topic?
  • How     do you show that your claim does better than others?
  • How     does it all connect to your main thesis?


The conclusion will list the main points of the essay, and hint atthe future prospects of the subject study.


Here are some questions you should ask while writing theconclusion: 

  • What     are the salient points of the essay?
  • What     are some of the remaining issues that surround the subject?
  • What     does your conclusion mean to the other competing theories?


Useful Tips

  • Don’t     quote directly

Cite other research workbut always make sure that you rephrase them in your own words. Quotes should beused only if it can’t be done without. Most psychology papers try to mentionthe main idea of the text instead of quoting it.

  • The     language should be objective

A good writer never letshis or her bias get in the way of academic work. Avoid being sexist in thewriting and don’t use the male pronoun or the female pronoun only in the essaytake some guideline from essaywriting service. When talking about peoplewith different sexual orientations than straight men and women, refer to them,not as homosexuals but gay men and gay women (or lesbians).

  • Language     style and structure

You should use activevoice throughout the paper. Try to make the text succinct and make good use ofheading and subheadings. To refer to the authors of the paper, you shouldreserve the words ‘I’ and ‘We’--they should never be used for general people.

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